Strawberry– Fragaria vesca

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Strawberry is coming from Asia (from Turkey to China) and from North America, where it grows in the wild. The Ancient Romans already liked the delicate taste of its fruit, which explains the origin of its name “fragrum”, meaning “perfume” in Latin. This plant was also used as a dye or for its therapeutically virtues (as brew, infusion or syrup).

Perennial plant from 10 to 30 centimeters high, strawberry is a low growing plant. Its green leaves are covered by a thin bright hair. Flowers blossom from April to July, like grapes of small white flowers, composed by 5 petals. The pseudo-fruits, strawberries, are red and have ovoid shapes, more or less rounded. Comestible and perfumed, its savor is fruity and slightly acid. Its skin is covered by small dry seeds which are the real fruits, called achenes.

Strawberry leaves are known for their anti-inflammatory, diuretic and antirheumatic properties. In cosmetic, their high concentration in polyphenols (specifically in flavonoids), bring an astringent action, allowing to refine skin texture and improve skin radiance.

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