Orange tree


Orange tree – Citrus aurantium dulcis

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Originating from China, orange blossom was traditionally worn by young brides. Its white flowers are indeed a symbol of the purity of the future wife. They will give birth to fruits, symbolizing progeny and fertility. Old medicines were using orange fruit to stimulate digestion and calm stress.

Orange tree is a small tree, from 6 to 15 meters high, which likes tropical or subtropical climate. It has a brown greyish bark and lush foliage, giving a round shape. Its leaves are oval, alternate, persistent, and long from 4 to 10 centimeters. They are colored in dark green and are shiny on the top and lighter on the back. The tree produces perfumed flowers, isolated or grouped, possessing 5 thick and fleshy petals, colored in white. Its fruit is a spherical berry, whose rough bark is green-yellowish and covered by glands. It encloses a pulpy flesh containing many seeds, wrapped in a spongy tissue, the mesocarp.

Nowadays, the smell of orange blossom is assigned to calming properties, removing anxiety and agitation, and assuring a peaceful sleep. In cosmetic, water of flower blossom is known for its soothing properties. Used in cares, it softens and hydrates skin. 

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