Jasmine - Jasminum sambac

Plant family


Used part


Originating from India, jasmine is a shrub used in many rituals in tradition in Asia. Its white and perfumed flowers are brought together to realize tinsels, dropped after in temples. Symbolizing purity and beauty, they are also worn as crown in the hair of brides. Used to add fragrance in green tea, this plant is also known in ayurvedic medicinal for its anesthetic and anti-inflammatory virtues.

Jasmine is a climbing shrub, which can reach between 1 to 3 meters high. Leaves are simple, opposite and whole. Flowers are white, forming groups of 3 to 12 flowers, also very smelly. Fruits are berries, becoming black when maturing, and which can reach 6mm of diameter.

In cosmetic, jasmine is frequently used for its fruity smell. Antioxidant, the plant can reduce visible signs of aging. Its anti-bacterial action can reduce small skin problems such as pimples or minor acne. 

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