Grapefruit tree – Citrus grandis

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Originating from South-East Asia, grapefruit tree is a tree cultivated for more than 4000 years for its edible fruit, grapefruit.

Grapefruit tree is a tall and vigorous tree which can reach up to 6 meters high. It has large dark green leaves, possessing winged stalk, common to citruses. its flowers are white, perfumed and mostly composed by 4 petals.Around January, flowers give way to fruits, which has a spheric shape, with a thin bark and a fleshy and juicy flesh. It's different from its cousin the pomelo, designated as "grapefruit" too much used in the common language. 

Many therapeutical virtues are giving to this fruit: cleansing and cholesterol-lowering, it helps digestion and tonifies the body. Rich in antioxidant, il allows to bring to the body many compounds allowing to increase defences. In cosmetics, grapefruit is known as a powerful antioxidant, to improves microcirculation and to sooth.

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