Damask rose tree

Rosier de Damas

Damask rose – Rosa Damascena

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Originating from South-West Asia, Damask rose has been admired since antiquity. It’s one of the flower the most used in perfume and representing love, powerful and fragile at the same time. The flower is equally appreciated for the beauty of its flowers than for its delicate and sugary perfume.

Damask rose tree is a shrub, which could reach up to 2 meters high. It has a stem doted of strong and curved needles. Leaves are alternates and slightly fuzzy. Flowers, shade from pink to light red, diffuse a perfume with nice sugary notes. Damask rose is subdivided in two species; the Damask of summer, with short blossom time (only during summer), and the Damask of Fall, which can blossom few time.

Universal and timeless cure, ayurvedic medicine assigns to Damask rose anti-infection, healing, relaxing and aphrodisiac virtues. In cosmetic, water of Damask rose is known for its anti-aging, astringent and soothing properties.

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