Soothes scalp
Anti-pollution for hair


Daily, atmospheric pollution attacks organisms. Skin, hair and scalp are mainly exposed to this aggression. Pollution particles drop on hair, making them dull and altering their mechanical properties. This pollution can also cause inflammation and scalp irritation.

Raspberry leaves extract from a sustainable agriculture, Urban’hair active acts on hair and scalp. It efficiently removes pollution molecules fixed on hair, regaining brightness. Scalp is soothed, inflammation decreases.


INCI name

Glycerin (and) Water (and) Rubus idaeus leaf extract

Main properties

Soothes scalp and preserve hair brightness
Removes pollutants fixed on hair
Brings a positive emotionnal impact

Mechanism of action

  • Helps skin to fight against oxidative stress and scalp soothing effect
  • Anti-pollution effect and brightness preservation
  • Effectiveness on well-being

Efficiency tests

  • In tubo tests: antioxidant effect, soothing effect, anti-pollution effect
  • Ex vivo tests: anti-pollution effect and brightness preservation
  • Clinical test: well-being analysis after the use of a shampoo containing 3% of Urban'hair


  • Total polyphenols
  • Glycosylated flavonoids
  • Ellagic acid


china compliantLogo Cosmos approved Quadricolor EN100 Natural Origin


  • Recommended percentage: 1 to 3%
  • Soluble in the aqueous phase 

Examples of applications

Products for hair, scalp and beard