Soothes skin
Reduces the feeling of discomfort
Improve skin texture
Anti-imperfection effect


Robinia pseudoacacia was brought over from the Appalachian Mountains by a British naturalist, John Tradescant. Tradescant traded seeds with Jean Robin, Henri IV’s botanist, who introduced the Robinia pseudoacacia to his garden in Paris in the 16th century.

Legend has it that this rapidly growing tree, whose wood possesses rot-proof properties, was cultivated by American settlers, and spread abundantly across the entire territory.

Its beautiful clusters of white flowers, that smell like orange blossom, are a firm favourite of bees, resulting in high quality honey, and of people, who use the flowers to make fritters.


INCI name

Glycerin (and) water (and) robinia pseudoacacia flower extract

Main properties

Soothes skin
Balances the skin

Mechanism of action

  • Soothes the skin
  • Reduces the feeling of discomfort and soothes sensitive skin
  • Anti-imperfection properties that improve skin texture
  • Reduces oily skin effect

Efficiency tests

  • Ex vivo tests : soothing effect, balances the skin
  • In-vivo tests :  anti-imperfections properties, reduces the feeling of discomfort, reduces oily skin, improve skin texture


Acacia flower extract

  • Total sugars: > 15%
  • Total polyphenols (Folin-Ciocalteu): >5%


100 Natural Originchina compliant  cosmos ecocert FRENCH SOURCING




  • Recommended percentage: 1 to 3%

Examples of applications

Soothing skincare, soothing body lotion, anti-imperfection skincare, balancing skincare cream