For a soothed skin

Sensitive, fragile and irritated skin types are characterized by cutaneous hypersensitivity. This results in sensations of discomfort,stinging and tightness, particularly in the face. These skin types rapidly develop excessive reactions to external stress factors (pollution, wind, temperature variations, frequent use of cleansing products, etc.),causing inflammation and even irritation.

Ko'zen is a plant-origin active ingredient obtained from quince leaves, rich in polyphenols. It protects the skin from daily stress factors and excessive inflammatory reactions, for a skin soothed and comfortable.


INCI name

Cydonia oblonga leaf extract

Main properties

Calm sensation of irritation

Mechanism of action

  • Soothe damaged skin by decreasing sensations of discomfort and stinging.
  • Reduce inflammatory reactions by inhibiting the production of pro-inflammatory molecules (TNF-α and IL-8 cytokines).
  • Protect skin and calm irritation by increasing the skin's tolerance thresold to external stress factors.

Efficiency tests

  • In vitro tests: action on inflammatory response
  • Clinical test: soothing activity (immediate and cumulative effect)
  • Evaluation by the volunteers


  • Total polyphenols ≥ 12%
  • Gloycosylated flavonoids  ≥ 3%
  • Preservative-free


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  • Recommended percentage: 0.5%
  • Soluble in aqueous phase

Examples of applications

Skin care: products for sensitive skin, soothing and calming skincare, skincare for irritated skin