The radiance activator

Skin is subject to outside aggression, stress and urban pollution that lead over time to an irregular texture and dilated pores. Because the skin surface becomes irregular, it is less able to reflect light well. In addition, surface skin cell renewal decreases because of microcirculation that has become sluggish. The combination of these factors will gradually dull the complexion.

Fresh'ka is a plant ingredient obtained from strawberry plant leaves which is rich in polyphenols (from the flavonoid family). It's the solution to add to beauty care products to combat these different factors by improving skin texture and glow, the basis of a pretty complexion.


INCI name

Fragaria vesca (strawberry) leaf extract

Main properties

Improves skin glow
Refines skin texture
Lightens the complexion

Mechanism of action

  • Tones micro-vessels in the skin to contribute to better cellular oxygenation.
  • Decreases pore diameter to tighten skin consistensy through the use of tannins.
  • Inhibite tyrosinase, key enzyme in the melanogenesis process, allowing to lighten and unifie complexion, by reducing pigmentation spots.

Efficiency tests

  • In tubo tests: lightening action
  • Clinical test: complexion brightened, skin texture smoothed
  • Positive evaluation by volunteers


  • Total polyphenols ≥ 20%
  • Flavonoids ≥ 3%
  • Preservative-free


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  • Recommended percentage: 0.5%
  • Soluble in the aqueous phase 

Examples of applications

Skin care : facial care products for dull skin, anti-aging products, facial care products for oily skin and dilated pores.