Acting as a barrier, the skin protects the organism from physical (UV, blue light …), chemical (pollutants, allergens …) and biological (virus, bacteria …) factors. More specifically, the UV exposition induces lots of damages which alter this barrier function. It is then important to protect our skin to fight against the sun rays. Meanwhile, the skin fulfills many other biological functions. Subjected to a light variation (day/night), the skin is regulated by an internal clock. With an intense UV exposition, this rhythm is corrupted, which can lead to the perturbation of the skin biological functions realization at an optimal timetable.

The extract, which is from a made in France sourcing, fights against UV by acting at different levels. Thanks to its action, the skin biological cycles are restored. The skin is protected from harmful effect of sun rays.



INCI name

Glycerin (and) Water (and) Crocus sativus flower extract

Main properties

Cicadian Rythm Effect

Mechanism of action

  • Protects from oxidative stress by fighting against lipid membranes oxidation
  • Strengthens the elastic network, and then the skin elasticity by inhibited the elastase activity
  • Prevents ageing induced by UV, also called photo-ageing

Efficiency tests

  • In tubo test: antioxidant effect
  • Ex vivo test: photo-protective activity on surnburn cells and TGM-1 analysis
  • In vrito tests: photo-stabilisation of a cosmetic formula and SPF increase, chrono-biological activity


  • Total polyphenols
  • Glycosylated flavonoids


china compliantcosmos approved


  • Recommended percentage: 3 %
  • Soluble in aqueous phase

Examples of applications

Skin care: Sun care, day and night cream, natural skin rhythm protective care