Berkemyol® maritime pine
Fights against premature aging


Skin aging is a complex biological process, in particular due to external aggressions as UV radiations, pollution, tobacco, stress, dietary imbalance... Those factors are causing an important synthesis of free radicals, leading to the formation of signs of aging on the skin surface, overtime. Aging also causes a diminution of the cutaneous microcirculation, leading to a more fragile, thinner and lighter skin.

Berkemyol® maritime pine is an active ingredient, derived from maritime pine bark extract, rich in stabilized polyphenols. Due to its composition, it protects from oxidative damage and procures a global action against effects of aging.


INCI name

Palmitoyl pine bark extract

Main properties

Fights against free radicals inducted by UV
Stimulates the production of dermal collagen
Improves the cutaneous microcirculation

Mechanism of action

  • Protects from oxidative damage, fighting against oxidation in the lipid membranes.
  • Stimulates collagens I and III, contributing to suppleness and flexibility of the skin.
  • Improves the cutaneous microcirculation, by reinforcing the capillary calls.

Efficiency tests

  • Ex-vivo tests: antioxidant effect, collagen I and III stimylation, cutaneous microcirculation improvement.


  • Stabilized polyphenols of maritime pine bark > 95%.
  • Monomers and proxyanidolic oligomers (majority of catechin).
  • Preservative-free.


china compliantPIN EN


  • Recommended percentage: 0.3 to 0.7%.
  • Soluble in the oily phase.

Examples of applications

Skin care: anti-aging products, care and preventive aging products, daily protection care.
Sun care:  synergy with filters in photoprotection products.
Hair-care: protection and care of the scalp.