Berkemyol® cocoa
Softness and elasticity of the skin


With time, skin losses its elasticity, softness and wrinkles appear. Those signs of skin aging are also characterized by a diminution of anti-oxidative defense, which can be improved by oxidative stress on cutaneous cells and due to accumulation of oxidative compounds.

Berkemyol® cocoa is an active ingredient, derived from cocoa, rich in stabilized polyphenols. It offers a unique combination of properties that effectively help fighting against the effects of cutaneous aging, limiting the effect of free radicals and acting on the composant of the papillary dermis.


INCI name

Palmitoyl cocoa seed extract

Main properties

Fights against free radicals, inducted by UV

Mechanism of action

  • Protects from the oxidative stress, combating oxidation in the lipid membranes.
  • Reinforces the elastic network, and elasticity’s skin, inhibiting the activity of elastase.
  • Warns from the UV’s accelerator of aging, also called photo-aging.

Efficiency tests

  • Ex-vivo tests: antioxidant effect, anti-elastase activity


  • Esterified cocoa polyphenols > 95%
  • Oligomers procyanidolic (majority of epicatechine)
  • Preservative-free


china compliantCacao EN


  • Recommended percentage: 0.3 à 0.7%
  • Soluble in the oily phase

Examples of applications

Skin care: anti-aging and preventive products, daily protection products
Make-up: make-up treating care