Berkem develops actives from plant based, that are proven to be effective by various tests (in vitro, ex-vivo, clinical studies). Processes executed are adapted in order to optimize the ingredients active ingredients content.

Stabilized plant polyphenols with anti-aging benefit.
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Plant based actives using the many virtues of polyphenols.
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Objevtived actives from French flowers.

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Botanical extracts and floral waters

Berkem reexplore the plant world through a range of botanical extracts and floral waters. Those ingredients bring a variety of benefits to cosmetics formulas and their claims come from detailed bibliographic research.

botanykemBotanical extracts and floral waters for face, body and hair care.
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Ki’Leaft® is a 100% natural extract made from upcycled organically grown and certified kiwi leaves

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Stabilized plant-based polyphenols with anti-aging benefits

Plants are chosen for their natural abundance in polyphenols, and more precisely in oligomers. The anitoxidant action of those molecules, proven by many studies, helps to keep the skin young, and are making those actives an important choice for the anti-aging field.

Berkemyol® bring antioxidant properties, anti-aging, anti-glycation, firming or even hydration to products for skin care or makeup treatment.

Phytovector technology for vectorization

Actives are stabilized by the patented technology Phytovector®. Natural polyphenols are unstable molecules and are very reactive, in particular oligomers, when they are concentrated. Their antioxidant efficiency decreases with time, and under the influence of specific factors - such as light, air or even acid or basic pH - following the oxidation of their free phenolic function.

Phytovector® method consists to protect this function by masking them byvia esterification, which allows their stabilization. Polyphenols aquire a lipophilic characteristic, usefull for a transcutaneous passage and a good bioavailability. The active form of these stabilized polyphenols is then released at the heart of the epidermis due to the action of esterase, ensymes naturally found in the skin.

Thanks to this technology, polyphenols are protected until their incorporation in cosmetic formulas and their application on skin.


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