Berkem's expertise in the cosmetic industry

Active ingredients inspired by nature

Backed by its expertise and mastery in plant extraction, Berkem offers active ingredients, plant extracts and floral waters to respond to the needs of the cosmetic market.

Each ingredient is derived from plants that have been meticulously selected for their benefits and active molecule compositions. 

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Certified quality

Berkem cares about its customers’ satisfaction, and applies the highest quality standards to all of its products in terms of monitoring and safety.

The majority of ingredients comply with Chinese regulations.
Organic versions (Cosmos-certified) of ingredients are also available.


Berkem adapts to the changes in the cosmetic market so that the ingredients it offers are ever more effective and richer in active molecules. In the interest of continuous improvement, the company optimises its techniques and research into the greenest processes, and implements specific strands of plants.

The excellence of the raw materials, the vast experience in processing them and the rigorous techniques used constitute the signature method used at Berkem.