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A company with expertise in plant extraction...

For 50 years, Berkem has demonstrated expertise in plant extraction and developed vegetable extracts for the food and cosmetics markets. This independent SME is specialised in the extraction of active ingredients, polyphenols in particular.

Recognised for its knowledge and skill in grape and pine extracts, Berkem designs and manufactures a wide range of active ingredients derived from plant materials, which are then offered to manufacturers for use in formulating their products.

The company is based in Dordogne, where it benefits from an ideal location in the heart of the vineyards and close to the pine forests of Landes, two plants of preference.

...offering you products and services...

Berkem makes use of its integrated R&D laboratory and its industrial equipment, to manufacture plant-based product ranges, selected for their active molecule composition and properties.

Continuous improvement to the production processes and an in-depth understanding of the plant world make it possible to develop new assets on a regular basis.

At Berkem, responding to the specific needs of each customer is paramount. This is why the company also develops tailor-made plant extracts to guarantee exclusive solutions.

...with a personal touch.

Berkem prioritises being close by and available to its customers. A personalised relationship is developed with each of them in order to provide unique solutions adapted to their needs. The human dimension, the implementation of a short decision-making cycle and an adapted management system ensure reactivity within the company, and the best possible response times.

On a daily basis, all employees are involved in ensuring the correct functioning of the company. From research to production, from sales to management, Berkem encompasses a diversity of trades and skills that contributes to its performance.

Groupe Berkem
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Berkem is a company in Groupe Berkem, an actor within the chemical industry, which has a high capacity for innovation as well as very reactive and effective resources.

groupe berkem

Research and development of processes for plant extraction, production of natural active ingredients.

Development, production and sale of preservation an dprotection solutions for wood.

Tailor made freeze-drying, enabling to extend shelf life of products while keeping their active bases.

Key dates



The company is created, initially specialising in formulating wood preservation for industry.


Commencement of plant extraction activity following collaboration with the Université de Bordeaux.


Expertise is developed in grape seed and pine bark.


The tailor-made activity is implemented, primarily for the cosmetic and food industries.


ISO 9001 certification obtained.


Launch of the Berkemyol range, stabilised plant polyphenols for the cosmetic industry.

The company also becomes eligible for the Research Tax Credit for its support for its customers’ development projects.


ISO 22000 (food safety) certification obtained.


Launch of the Polynektars range, active ingredients 100% derived from plants, rich in polyphenols, for the cosmetic market.


Reorganisation of Groupe Berkem into companies.


Creation of the subsidiary Berkem USA.

Berkem celebrates its 50th anniversary and makes a commitment to corporate responsibility, following the guidelines of ISO 26000.


Launch of the Botanykem range, composed of botanical extracts and floral waters, for cosmetics.


Launch of Global'Protek, composed by 3 actives objectivised by omic sciences and in-vitro tests, for cosmetics.


Reinforcement of Berkem tailor-made expertise thanks to Eurolyo acquisition, freeze-drying service provider.


Launch of Berkem new logo, to refresh its graphic identity and to participate to Groupe Berkem dynamic.


Launch of Flor'innov, a range for cosmetic from French flower plant extracts.


Launch of Koalib range, a new line with disinfecting solutions, composed by K'Gel Hydroalcoolique, K'Desinfectant and K'Désinfectant concentré.


Launch of Urban'hair active, a raspberry leave extract perfect to fight against pollution to protect hair and scalp.

Key figures
An independent SME with a human touch

50 years
of experience in plant extraction and chimical formulation
5 000 tons
of plants processed each year
Sur un
site de 6 Ha
plus de 50 000 m2
d’usine et de bâtiments, dont
5 000 m2 couverts
35,8 millions
euros of turnover in 2015 on european and international market, including 50%
generated through exports and 10%
in industrial investment and R&D budget

Evolution of the turnover of the group Berkem (in million €)

Gender equality index at Berkem

In accordance with the so-called "Professional Future Law” promulgated on 5th September 2018, each company must publish a Gender Equality Index related to the company's situation concerning 4 indicators, for a total number of 100 points.

The 4 indicators are the following:
  • Pay gap between women and men
  • Differences in pay increases
  • Increase of female employees returning to work after maternity leave
  • Distribution of the 10 top earnings by gender

Regarding the result of the gender equality index obtained by BERKEM, for the year 2022, it is impossible to be calculated insofar as the evaluation of the indicators taken into consideration is less than 75 points, according to the regulations administered by the Ministry of Labour.

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Presence in more than 35 countries, thanks to its distribution network and 2 subsidiaries (France and the United States).


Since its creation, Berkem has maintained a tradition of quality products and authentic service. Its goals are to lead innovative projects and to satisfy its customers.

It success is based on 5 fundamental values.


Berkem has successfully retained its independence, not only financially but also in R&D and in its industrial investment choices. The company is thus able to define its own strategy to stand out.


As a manufacturer working with responsible chemistry, Berkem is evolving within a strictly controlled regulatory environment. Each development or adjustment project is measured and integrated, not only on a human level but also an environmental and economic level.


Berkem’s efficient and transparent functioning has been recognised by several quality labels. The company is devoted to its approaches to progress management and corporate responsibility.


Innovation is one of the driving forces behind Berkem’s activity. Its human and material resources provide high-quality, innovative, effective solutions. It is attentive to changes in the market, anticipating trends in order to improve its tools and production capacities, and to develop the company’s service offering.


Berkem mobilises its employees and all of its resources to respond as effectively as possible to its customers’ needs in the shortest possible time frame. A variety of levers are in place to ensure its reactivity: a simplified decision-making cycle, an adapted management system, and its mastery of development, production and marketing chains.

Quality policy
Certifications and commitments

The role of the company's Quality system is to verify the reliability, safety and compliance of the full range of products sold. All of the products offered by Berkem are manufactured in France at the Gardonne production facility, certified ISO 9001 since 1996 and ISO 22000 since 2011.

In addition, with a view to constant improvement, Berkem adheres to the UIC’s (French Union of Chemical Industries) “commitment to progress” procedure. This programme aims to reduce emissions of pollutants into the environment, and to improve employee safety. In the interests of transparency, the company is committed to following the guidelines regarding good practices and good conduct within management systems defined by the UIC internationally.

Upon request, the company can also offer its customers several certifications or respect certain commitments:

  • Cosmetic market: Cosmos, respect for cosmetics GMPs.
  • Food market: HACCP, Organic Farming, Kosher et Hallal.
afaq ISO 9001
afaq ISO 22000
Engagement de Progrés
cosmos certified

Quality guarantees

The traceability of raw materials, the safety of processes and the quality of the extracts provide assurance at each stage, thanks to the quality control laboratory and the company's 20 years of experience in quality management.
  • - Raw materials are controlled and monitored from the moment of reception.
  • - At certain key stages in production, the parameters defined upstream are verified.
  • - Each lot of finished products is analysed following international norms, client specifications and Berkem’s own standards.

Berkem also offers its support in achieving a better understanding of the different regulations regarding the nature of extracts and their uses.

Finally, the company regularly evaluates its suppliers and is subject to audits from certification bodies and customers to verify its full compliance with their technical specifications.
Quality guarantee graphic
Berkem Graphique CIRCUIT EN

Corporate responsability

Berkem has been committed to corporate responsibility and following the guidelines of ISO 26000 since 2014. The implementation of this sustainable development policy is a concrete demonstration on the group's values.

All action taken as a responsible chemical manufacturer is measured and integrated in terms of individuals, the environment and the economy. To this end, working groups meet regularly, involving a variety of employees of the group and other external stakeholders, with the aim of furthering the development of this corporate responsibility and the actions that arise from it.

The objectives of this implementation of this sustainable development policy are:

To promote social dialogue and trust between stakeholders.
To satisfy the needs of stakeholders, particularly customers.
To provide a new dynamic based on economic, social and environmental concerns.