Roman chamomile extract
Botanical extract

Roman chamomile boasts a high concentration of phenolic compounds such as flavonoids, which bring soothing properties by reducing inflammation. These molecules with antioxidant properties are also distinguished by their ability to protect the skin against external aggressions, thereby fighting against free radicals, which accelerate cellular aging. Last but not least, they also stimulate the skin repair process.

INCI name

Anthemis nobilis flower extract

Main properties



Phenolic compounds (flavonoids, hydroxycinnamic acids)


Natural ingredientschina compliantECOCERT Cosmo Certified Q

The product is also available in organic form.


  • Recommended percentage: 1-5%
  • Soluble in the aqueous phase

Examples of applications

Skin care : soothing products for sensitive and reactive skin
Sun care : sun protection care
Hair care : soothes the scalp, lightens fair hair