Marigold extract
Botanical extract

Flavonoids and triterpene glycosides boast soothing properties, ideal for sensitive and reactive skin types. Flavonoids also help improve microcirculation. Marigold is mainly used for treating skin disorders: irritation, redness and inflammation. It is also a source of triterpendiol esters, which provide it with skin repair properties.

INCI name

Calendula officinalis flower extract

Main properties

Improves microcirculation


Phenolic compoiunds (flavonoids)
Triterpene glycosides
Triterpendiol esters


Natural ingredientschina compliantECOCERT Cosmo Certified Q

The product is also available in organic form.


  • Recommended percentage: 1-5%
  • Soluble in the aqueous phase

Examples of applications

Skin care : skincare for sensitive and reactive skin types, repair care for imperfection-prone skin
Sun care : soothing products : after-sun care
Hair care : hair care