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Formulation sheet

Tonifying shower gel

This shower gel with peppermint water allows a tonic and freshening skin wake-up, while cleaning it from its impurities.

PhaseINCI nameBrand nameSupplierQuantity (%)
A Water Water - q.s
  Mentha piperita leaf water Peppermint water Berkem 10
  Sodium phytate Dermofeel® PA-3 Unipex solutions 0.1
B Sodium lauryl sulfate Sulfetal LS-E C.Q. Masso 4
  Cocamidopropyl betaine Amphotensid B5 C.Q. Masso 4
  Decyl glucoside Plantacare® 2000 UP BASF Care Creations 3
  Coco-glucoside Plantacare® 818 UP BASF Care Creations 3
C Water Water - 4
  Acrylates copolymer Capigel™ 98 Seppic 2
 D Caprylyl glycol (and) Ethylhexylglycerin Sensiva® SC 10 Schülke & Mayr 1
  Yellow 5 Jaune 08005-J 10% solution Sensient 0.35
  Fragrance Citrus vitamin showergel APF 0.3


Weigh phase A and heat at 60°C under slow agitation.

Weigh each ingredient of phase B separately and add them in phase A, at 60°C under slow stirring.

Weigh phase C and add them in phase A at 60°C, under slow stirring.

At room temperature, add phase D.