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Repairing night cream

This care, supplemented with Ko'zen® active, will soothe skin after a day facing external aggressions and will allow to regenerate it during the night.

PhaseINCI nameBrand nameSupplierQuantity (%)
A Water Water - q.s
  Sodium polyacrylate Cosmedia® SP Ami Chimie 1.2
  Sodium phytate Dermofeel® PA-3 Dr Straetmans 0.1
B Glycerin Glycerin Quaron 3
  Cydonia oblonga leaf extract Ko'zen® Berkem 0.5
 C Passiflora edulis seed oil Refined passion fruit seed oil Bertin 8
  Isostearyl alcohol (and) Butylene glycol cocoate (and) Ethylcellulose Emulfree® CBG Gattefossé 6
  Octyldodecyl myristate MOD Gattefossé 5
  Candelilla cera Candellila Wax C.Q. Masso 2
  Cetyl alcohol Cetyl alcool Stéarinerie Dubois 2
  Glyceryl dibehenate (and) Tribehenin (and) Glyceryl Behenate DUB™ DBHG Stéarinerie Dubois 2
  Glycol palmitate LANOL™ P Seppic 2
  Tocopherol Covi-Ox® T-90 EU C Ami Chimie 0.5
D Sodium hydroxymethyl glycinate KEM 30 Akema 0.5
  Fragrance Coing Charabot 0.1


Heat water at 75°C and add under stirring the ingredients of phase A.
Mix phase B at 60°C and add phase B in phase A.
Weigh and heat phase C at 75°C. Add it in the mix phase A and B, under rapid stirring during 15 minutes.
Leave it under slow agitation until getting back to room temperature and add phase D.